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Warranty and Exchange Policy

1. Exchange

Furniture, mattresses and decoration

If customer has received a defective product, customer will have to contact us at (819) 395-5464 ext. 851 with details of the product and the defect. We will fully examine the request as soon as possible. The service request can also be made by email to [email protected].

In the case the product is not defective, return fees of 25% will be charged for every product Setlakwe Furniture takes back. Returns must be done in 48 hours after original purchase. 


We accept exchanges for home appliance within 48 hours following delivery. If the appliance has never been plugged in, $150 fees will be charged to take it back. If the appliance has been plugged in, still within 48 hours, 25% fees will be charged.

At the manufacturers’ request, we ask customer to communicate directly to the customer service department of each company following the first year of the original purchase. Below, a list of manufacturers with the phone number to reach each of them. Before any call, customer has to be ready by having the model number and serial number in hand.

If customer requires help, our customer service department can be reach at (819) 395-5464 ext. 3.


Phone number



Distinctive Appliance










For appliances, customer has a 24 hours delay to notify any aesthetic damage to the product after the delivery.

2. Guarantees and Warranties

It is the customer's responsibility to read the operating manual and installation of its products and to take account of the manufacturer's warranty before use.

If the customer gets a defective product or aesthetic failure, it is his responsibility to contact within 24 hours the customer service department of Setlakwe Furniture that will be able to meet his request.

Each product purchased from the Setlakwe Furniture is covered by a legal guarantee which states that the property the client buys must be usable for normal use for a reasonable length. For more information, the client must refer to the website of the Office de la protection du consommateur at

For further details on warranties and protection plans, the client can request more information in store.

3. Protection Plan Gold – 4 Additional Years

If customer has bought a protection plan at the moment he purchased his appliance, he can report a service request after the first year of his warranty. The customer will have to call Service Protection Plus (Comerco) at 1-877-710-4653.